About The Eating Issues Centre

The Eating Issues Centre is a community based non-profit charity promoting positive body image and prevention of eating issues as well as offering supportive therapeutic options for people affected by eating issues.

The Eating Issues Centre is funded by Qld Health to provide information and referral, free counselling, therapeutic groups, and peer support for people with eating issues throughout Queensland.

We accept referrals and provide services to people over 16 of all genders and a medical diagnosis is not required to access services. We also provide information and referrals to carers and professionals.

We value the sharing of recovery wisdom and aim to involve people with a lived experience of body image and eating issues throughout the organisation.

The Eating Issues Centre works closely with the Eating Disorders Association in providing support to people living with and recovering from eating issues, and their carer’s and loved ones.

Our Goals

  • To provide a range of services that respond to the diverse needs of individuals with eating issues
  • To contribute to the evidence base and practice knowledge of working with people with eating issues from a feminist perspective
  • To enhance the support options available to people with eating issues through increased community awareness, understanding and recovery options
  • To develop and maintain The Eating Issues Centre as a dynamic organisation, leading the field of therapy for people with body image and eating issues

The Eating Issues Centre Mission Statement & Philosophy

Nourish, Connect, Thrive

At The Eating Issues Centre we believe in the importance of making sense of eating issues in respectful and non-judgmental ways.

We acknowledge the multifaceted and interactive factors that contribute to the development of eating issues and seek to promote empowerment, connections and change on individual and social levels.

Our Background

The Eating Issues Centre was founded in 1996 by a group of feminist practitioners who sought to develop alternative approaches to the bio-medical model of working with women with eating issues. Originally auspiced by Zig Zag Young Women's Resource Centre it became an independent Incorporated Association.

The service was originally called ISIS The Eating Issues Centre after the Egyptian goddess of rebirth, growth and nourishment. The organisation changed its name in 2015 to distance itself from any implied association with the international terrorist group ISIS and to better represent what we do.