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Mentor Role Description

Please note that providing this information is the first step in applying for the mentor program and it does not guarantee you a place in the program. If you are unsuccessful in this program your information will be kept on file for a further 12 months and you may be contacted if there is a suitable match in any subsequent program.

The Eating Issues Centre’s (TEIC) Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) is a time-limited program. PMP matches individuals wanting support in eating issues recovery with a person who has a lived experience of recovery.

Applicants are not guaranteed to be considered for the PMP. TEIC reserves the right to refuse any applicant at their discretion. Feedback will be given to participants who are unsuccessful upon request.

All applicants who have completed the application form will be assessed as to their suitability for PMP (whether mentor or mentee) and must complete an interview with a TEIC practitioner.

All mentors must

  • Be 18yrs+
  • Have been in stable recovery from an eating issue for a minimum of 2 years
  • Have the capacity to make a 6month commitment to a mentoring relationship
  • Ideally have a current support team or mix of friendships and interests (e.g. counsellor/therapist/GP/nutritionist/dietician).
  • Be able to get a letter from your current (or past) therapist/counsellor stating their support for your application

More information

  • Every effort will be made to link applicants with suitable mentors/mentees, however should a mentor or mentee be unhappy with the match they may contact TEIC to have this arrangement reviewed.
  • Mentors and mentees can withdraw from the program at any stage but must discuss this with the PMP coordinator first.
  • The commitment to the mentoring contract is for a 6-month period from the first date of contact. All new mentors are required to attend Mentor Training, Meet & Greet, Mentor Reconnect/Top-Up Training, Mid-Point Review and the Final Celebration.
  • If any issues regarding PMP arise outside of the designated meetups mentors are required to contact PMP coordinator for support within office hours via email or phone.
  • If any emergency assistance is required mentors are to refer to the Crisis Matrix given out during training and report to PMP coordinator as soon as possible within office hours.
  • Mentors DO NOT replace other supports such as counsellor/psychologist, dietitian or any other health professional. The mentor role is to support and encourage recovery, by assisting with the development of life skills, self-confidence, and self-care.

Section 1 – Personal Details

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We know that mentors benefit as much as mentees from being involved in PMP. The following questions are designed to assist you in setting your own goals and intentions for the program.

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Section 2 – Additional Information
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Section 3 – Declaration

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