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Our therapeutic groups use creative processes and are recovery focused


Group Therapy

Our groups are created and held in a safe and supportive environment, facilitated by qualified therapists, and designed especially for those with a variety of eating issues.

There are many reasons to join one of our groups:

  • reduce experiences of isolation, shame and misinformation surrounding an eating issue
  • receive support and understanding
  • explore personal issues that contribute to your eating issues
  • find a sense of self and sense of control in your life
  • gain valuable insight into your own and others' experiences
  • enhance your ability to seek support that will help you further in the process of recovery from an eating issue

How do I access Group Therapy at The Eating Issues Centre?

You can call or email us and make an initial appointment to discuss your situation and the options available. 

At this initial appointment a practitioner will ask you about your situation and give you information about the group therapy options we provide and also other treatment services available that may best meet your needs.

Get in Touch Now

There is no obligation to continue to access services at The Eating Issues Centre and we understand that it can be important to ‘shop around’ for the services and workers you feel will be most useful for you in your recovery journey. We acknowledge what a big step starting counselling can be and the courage it takes to approach a service for help.


Group Therapy Courses

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Reconnect Workshops (open to anyone)

Reconnect Workshops (open to anyone)

Reconnect Workshops
Open to anyone

Open to anyone who is interested in meeting others who have shared similar experiences with body image and eating. Workshops include speakers sharing their insights on recovery and or exercises that assist participants to reconnect with health body image and eating issue recovery goals.
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18 Week Therapeutic Group (women only)

18 Week Therapeutic Group (women only)

18 week therapeutic group
Women only

Based on feminist principles and using creative group work processes to assist women to therapeutically explore the purpose and meaning of eating issues. It explores issues such as body image, self-esteem and how gender roles, cultural and family expectations play a part in eating issues.
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Live It – 10 Week Therapeutic Group (open to anyone)

Live It – 10 Week Therapeutic Group (open to anyone)

Live It – 10 Week Therapeutic Group
Open to anyone

These 10 week group courses are designed to raise awareness, encouraging participants to get in touch with what is happening for them in the moment, as well as discussing content of the book and completing homework between each group. Set in a safe and supportive environment for women.
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Designed for your Recovery

The groups are designed from the needs and interests of everyone participating.

By offering a range of different activities and resources, the ultimate aim is to give choices and assistance in the process of a sustainable recovery.

Sharing experiences and our stories with others in group give people an opportunity to increase understanding and try out new ways of being with others.

Groups are closed, which means the same participants meet for the entire duration of the group.


Many of those who have participated in our group work have described it as a safe and compassionate environment in which to:

  • gain more information and insight about their eating issue
  • confront issues they have long been avoiding
  • find alternative coping strategies and develop ongoing support

“ I am now able to talk freely about my issue with others, I feel I’m not alone in my challenges or behaviours and now know how to seek support from others…”


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