Sharing and Connecting with the Voice of Lived Experience

Across Australia and New Zealand, non-government community-based organisations incorporate the voice of lived experience in their services.

In the last year, NGOs have supported 1000s of individuals, families, professionals and organisations by providing hope that recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

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Finding The Right Distress Tolerance Skill for Your Situation

This great DBT Distress Tolerance Skills infographic gives a complete flowchart for emotional distress and remedying it.

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As a further resource, see the related page at Sunrise Real Life Change here


We have a free borrowing library open to the general public for those able to visit our centre.

Our collection of books and journals cover topics including: eating issues, body image, youth, self-esteem, feminism, dealing with abuse, nutrition, and more. 

Recommended Publications

Body Image Resources and Links

Body Image Resources and Links

Recovery Resources

Recovery Warriors - Resources for eating disorders recovery

For Teachers
Health at Every Size Manifesto

Organisations for Support with Eating Issues

Eating Disorders Association Inc. (EDA) – Supporting carers of individuals with eating issues throughout QLD.

The Butterfly Foundation - Support for Australians experiencing eating disorders. 1800 33 4673 

National Eating Disorder Collaboration (NEDC) - Resources and information on eating disorders 

Queensland Eating Disorder Service (QuEDS)
(formerly known as EDOS)

Please contact us if you require details of practitioners who specialise in eating issues in QLD. 

The Carer Help Kit

has been designed for carers of individuals with eating issues.

Providing access to succinct and detailed information on eating disorders, treatment options and how you can help your loved one.

This Kit is an outcome of a one year project to build the capacity of carers of adults with eating disorders to navigate the service system and improve outcomes for those they care for.

More info here

Family Information Videos

From Eating Disorders Association Inc

Maudsley Method by Kim Hurst, Psychologist for Gold Coast CHYMS

Eating Disorder Information by Mel Marks, EDA Resource Support Worker

Carer’s Perspective

A Medical Model by Dr Leanne Barron, General Practitioner

A RAVES Approach to Healthy Eating by Shane Jeffrey, Dietitian

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Enhanced by Kym Hurst, Psychologist for Gold Coast CHYMS